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Surprise Balloon Arrangements 

By Artist Stacy Alan  

Hi my name is Stacy Alan and I am a resident here in Northeast, Ohio.  For the past 6 years I have created fun balloon art all over Ohio.  Recently I began offering a unique option for clients in my local area....socially distanced surprise balloon deliveries.  These custom balloon arrangements will help you say, 'I love you' in a fun and creative way.  From birthday celebrations, welcome baby, anniversary or just saying 'I miss you' to friends; I'd love to help you celebrate with my balloon art! 

Are these just helium balloon bouquets? 

Not even close!  As a matter of fact I don't even use helium.  Instead I hand twist each and every balloon marquee myself.  Working with whatever theme and color scheme you have in mind I get creative and sculpt you a balloon arrangement you will be overly joyed to gift to others!  Living in Tallmadge myself I am able to surprise deliver these balloons to each and every client! 

Here Are the Balloon Marquee Sizes I Provide! 

Balloon Marquee Turtle Sea

Mini Marquees 

small gift, big impact.  My mini marquee is perfect for....

Full Size Surprise Balloon Delivery Bear Tallmadge Ohio

Full Size Marquee 

Larger than the mini but still can be placed on a table...

Surprise Balloon Delivery Grand Marquee Tallmadge Elvis

The Grand Marquee 

On a large table or even on the floor.  My grand Marquee....

So... how much does this cost? 

I've tried my best to keep my fee's as affordable as possible.  My displays start at $85.00 and range up to a few hundred depending on the details and extras added.  I am offering free delivery to all of my surprise balloon deliveries within 15 miles of Tallmadge, Ohio.  

"We loved our balloons! Looking forward to our next balloon arrangement!"

If you're interested... can I help you? 

Thank you again for visiting my page, I hope you enjoy my work.  Interested in talking further??... Do me a favor and fill out the form below with as much detail as you can.  I can't promise that I'm a fit for you but I will do my best.  My goal is to make something so unique you and your balloon receipent won't be able to stop smiling!   

Give me as much detail as possible! 

  • Theme
    What theme do you have in mind?  Superheroes, ocean themed, outer space or maybe something I haven't heard of?  Tell me what you have in mind with as much detail as possible and I will let you know if I can do it! 
  • Delivery Date 
    Do you have a specific delivery date in mind or are you flexible?  I will do my best to be available for your date. I make each display myself so, having a flexible delivery date allows me to help fill your order.  

Please feel free to reach me at 614-832-3519

Or email me at BalloonPartyPals@gmail.com 

What Others Say


Balloon Party Pals delivered beyond my expectations and the talent is unbelievable!! Our 5 year wanted to have an ET birthday party and finding decor presented a bit of a challenge. I contacted Balloon Party Pals and they were willing to take on the challenge of ET and the balloons turned out amazing! Our 5 year old was so excited (as were his parents)!

Ashley K. 

Surprise Balloon Delivery Tallmadge Ohio ET

I ordered a balloon bouquet for my mom for Mother’s Day and her birthday. A little back story...my dad was a clown and magician and I wanted to bring a piece of him to my mom’s special day. Stacy knocked it out of the park. The bouquet was beautiful and my mom loved it. Thanks again!! 

Wendy V.

Balloon Decor Balloon Centerpiece

Stacy did a great job making me  balloon arrangements! They were a refreshing fun way to celebrate at a distance during the stay at home order!

Sarah B.

Mini Balloon Marquee

The Mini Marquee

My Mini Marquee is perfect as a thoughtful gift or a great way to dress up a small cake or gift table. 

The Mini Marquee comes with one foil balloon and one to two small twisted characters/elements. You can customize the colors to match your event too!

Bear Balloon Marquee

Full Size Marquee 

My Full Size Marquee draws attention and create conversations. It's larger than the mini marque but can still be placed on a cake table with ample room for other items. 

The Balloon Marquee comes with foil balloons and several large twisted elements to tie in your theme. This size allows for a lot of creativity and fun. 

Dog Balloon Marquee
Balloon Decoration Marquee
Mermaid Balloon Marquee
Elvis Grand Balloon Marquee

The Grand Marquee

The Grand Marquee takes the cake! It can be displayed on a large table or even on the floor.

I use supersized foil balloons and detailed twisted characters to make this marquee into true balloon art. I can even incorporate design mediums beyond balloons like artificial flowers and ribbon just for you!

Tallmadge Balloon Artist Stacy Alan
More about...
Stacy Alan 

I love creating smiles, and crafting super cute balloon animals. I’ve worked with children my whole life; starting as a gymnastics coach, then a mental health counselor for families and finally finding my passion as an entertainer.

I was bitten by the entertainment bug when I met my husband, Jason, who’s an incredible magician. We now travel the country together performing our duo magic and mentalism act (click to learn more about The Alans).

I’m always learning new techniques to keep my balloons fresh and fun. I want to help bring more joy and wonder to the world one balloon at a time!!

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