Beautifully Unique

Balloon Marquees

These Show Stopping balloon decorations are sure to brighten anyone's day. Our Balloon Marquees are great as the focal point of your event, delivered as an unforgettable gift or an excellent way to dress up a cake-table. 

Pig Themed Balloon Marquee Decoration

Marquee Sizes

That's right...we have options!! We offer three marquee sizes that go from 'sweet surprise' to 'eye popping' displays.

Our artist, Stacy, will ask you questions about your event or gift recipient and then get to work creating a personalized and one of a kind balloon table top display. She can incorporate different elements like twisted characters, foil balloons, ribbon, artificial flowers and much more to capture your theme, vision and personality. The possibilities are endless!

Mini Balloon Marquee

The Mini Marquee

Our Mini Marquee is perfect as a thoughtful gift or a great way to dress up a small cake or gift table. 

The Mini Marquee comes with one foil balloon and one to two small twisted characters/elements. You can customize the colors to match your event too!

Bear Balloon Marquee

Full Size Marquee 

Our Full Size Marquee draws attention and create conversations. It's larger than the mini marque but can still be placed on a cake table with ample room for other items. 

The Balloon Marquee comes with foil balloons and several large twisted elements to tie in your theme. This size allows for a lot of creativity and fun. 

Dog Balloon Marquee
Balloon Decoration Marquee
Mermaid Balloon Marquee
Elvis Grand Balloon Marquee

The Grand Marquee

Our Grand Marquee takes the cake! It can be displayed on a large table or even on the floor.

Our artist, Stacy, uses supersized foil balloons and detailed twisted characters to make this marquee into true balloon art. She can even incorporate design mediums beyond balloons like artificial flowers and ribbon!

Pink Heart Balloon
Let's Get Personal
Vinyl Lettering Upgrade

Want to add a special message to your balloon marquee?

We can do that too!

For an additional cost, Balloon Party Pals can add custom vinyl lettering to solid colored foil balloons. This upgrade is available for all three marquee sizes. 

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